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Fifth letter of a Nasdaq stock symbol indicating that listing is a fifth class of preferred stock, a stub, a certificate representing a limited partnership interest, foreign preferred when issued, or a second class of warrants.


1. A symbol appearing next to a stock listed on NASDAQ indicating that the share being traded has a miscellaneous right, warrant, or receipt attached to it. All NASDAQ listings use a four-letter abbreviation; if a Z follows the abbreviation, it indicates that the share's category does not easily fit into other categories.

2. In over-the-counter trading, a symbol meaning that no quote is available for a security.

3. On a table, a symbol indicating an exact number, instead of an estimate, of securities traded.


1. Used in stock transaction tables in newspapers to indicate that the volume reported is the actual number of shares transacted, not the number of round lots: z150.
2. Used in over-the-counter stock transaction tables to indicate that no representative quote is available: z.
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