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Refers to the base support level for market prices of any type. Also used in the context of securities to refer to the lowest market price of a security during a specific time-frame.

Market Bottom

The lowest level of support in price for a security, index, or market over a given time frame. The security, index, or market is highly unlikely to go below the bottom; if it does so, it may cause panic selling. During a prolonged bear market, when a market is dropping more or less continuously for a long time, investors often question when the market will find bottom, which means that they wish to know when the market will begin to rise again, or at least stabilize.


The lowest price to which a stock, market index, or another asset will sink. Compare top.
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Mind you, you can bet your bottom dollar that as soon as we have sussed it out, someone will change it all around again
If you do, and water backs up into the canopy housing because of a clogged drain hole, you can bet your bottom dollar that the canopy jettison system will short out.
And you can bet your bottom dollar that when times get good again, you won't get any better service than you get today.

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