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Dudley, dear,' said Claire, softly, 'I've been an awful fool, and I'm dreadful, dreadful sorry, and you're going to be the nicest, kindest, sweetest man on earth and tell me you've forgiven me.
Well," says I, growing a bit bolder, "if I'm to choose, I declare I have a right to know what's what, and why you're here, and where my friends are.
You'll perhaps batten down your hatches till you're spoke to, my friend," cried Silver truculently to this speaker.
Said Paul' I'll lend you, when I can, All the spare money I have got-- Ah, Peter, you're a happy man
You're safe from being overfed: You're sweetly picturesque in rags: You never know the aching head That comes along with money-bags: And you have time to cultivate That best of qualities, Content-- For which you'll find your present state Remarkably convenient
You're going to church tonight, and how can you face your Maker when you've been breaking one of His laws in the afternoon?
It's only when one 'ud have you do what's plain common sense and good for yourself, as you're obstinate th' other way.
An' she an' I ain't thinkin' what you're thinkin' at all.
I tell you what it is,' said the hangman, gravely; 'I'm afraid, my friend, that you're not in that 'ere state of mind that's suitable to your condition, then; you're not a-going to be released: don't think it--Will you leave off that 'ere indecent row?
You've had a good deal of schooling, however; I suppose you're pretty well up in accounts, eh?
You're educated, too, they say -- can read and write.
Say--the next time you're going in there, don't you reckon you could spread the door and--"