yield to worst

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Yield to worst

The bond yield computed by using the lower of either the yield to maturity or the yield to call on every possible call date.

Yield to Current Call

The lowest possible yield on a callable bond. If a callable bond is called before maturity, the bondholder only earns interest on the time that has elapsed between purchasing the bond and its early redemption. This yield can be significantly less than what would have been earned had the bond been held until maturity. The yield to current call assumes that the bond is called on the first date permitted in the bond agreement. Determining the yield to current call is an important part of risk analysis in evaluating a callable bond. It is also called yield to worst. See also: Yield to call, yield to maturity.

yield to worst

The lowest possible yield from owning a bond considering all potential call dates prior to maturity.
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75% plus accrued interest from 15 October 2013, to yield to worst 5.
250% of the principal amount thereof, resulting in a yield to worst of 7.
According to the companies, the additional notes will be issued at an offering price of 102% of the principal amount for a yield to worst of 7.
0% of the principal amount, plus accrued interest from 15 October 2011, for a yield to worst of 7.
25% of the principal amount, for a yield to worst of 6.