yield advantage

Yield advantage

The advantage gained by purchasing convertible securities instead of common stock, which equals the difference between the rates of return of the convertible security and the common shares.

Yield Advantage

The yield of a publicly-traded company's convertible securities minus the yield on the dividends of its common stock. The yield advantage is important in determining whether it would be better to buy convertible securities or common stock, and whether it would be profitable to exercise the convertible option on the convertible securities.

yield advantage

The additional current return from holding a convertible security as opposed to owning the stock into which the convertible can be exchanged.
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The contract is not divided into lots, because the fact that the five entities now work together correctly should yield advantage.
At some point, the yield advantage prime funds offer over government funds could get to a level that offsets the disadvantages of a floating NAV fund for corporate investors.
Ceres reported that its multi-gene combinations in corn achieved an approximately 25% yield advantage over controls in many of its research-scale field evaluations involving two different hybrids.
Global Banking News-February 10, 2014--Goldman says dollar lacking yield advantage
Investors who are wondering whether to hold sterling rather than dollars at current levels will need a strong macro-economic argument to trump the growing US yield advantage.
1% yield advantage on average over grower-selected checks.
com)-- Three new corn genetic platforms designed to deliver a yield advantage in water-limited environments in the Western Corn Belt are now available from Hoegemeyer Hybrids for the 2012 growing season.
MUMBAI: India's rupee strengthened the most in two weeks on speculation the central bank will raise interest rates tomorrow for a seventh time this year, boosting the yield advantage on local assets.
Summary: SINGAPORE: The euro rose to a near 15-month high against the dollar Friday on the single currency's widening yield advantage, while oil surged to a two-and-a-half-year high on worries that war in Libya and unrest in the Middle East will disrupt supplies.
25 per cent has widened the eurozone's yield advantage over the United States, Britain and Japan, where interest rates remain at record lows.
When the product of two coefficients (K oat x K vetch) is greater than one, there is a yield advantage, if the value of K is one there is no yield advantage and if less than one there is no yield advantage and the system has disadvantage.
economy lifted both stocks and bonds on Wednesday, while the dollar fell to a six-week low against the euro on a dwindling yield advantage.