yield advantage

Yield advantage

The advantage gained by purchasing convertible securities instead of common stock, which equals the difference between the rates of return of the convertible security and the common shares.

Yield Advantage

The yield of a publicly-traded company's convertible securities minus the yield on the dividends of its common stock. The yield advantage is important in determining whether it would be better to buy convertible securities or common stock, and whether it would be profitable to exercise the convertible option on the convertible securities.

yield advantage

The additional current return from holding a convertible security as opposed to owning the stock into which the convertible can be exchanged.
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A cut in interest rates in the United States usually invites dollar-selling as it reduces the yield advantage of the U.
Barimash-3 had 30% yield advantage over Barimash-1 and 60% advantage over the local check 'Nawabganj local', and gave consistently higher yield throughout the trials (BARI, 1994).
A rate cut in the United States usually invites dollar selling as it reduces the yield advantage of the U.
We are excited with the progress and findings to date, and anticipate that the knowledge gained through this relationship will help us achieve our goal of doubling our rate of yield gain by 2014, thereby growing our industry-leading yield advantage," says Jim Miller, vice president, DuPont Crop Genetics Research and Development.
Data from the UPPT in the southeastern USA (Alabama, Florida, Georgia) for 1993 to 1995 indicated a 27% pod yield advantage for Florida MDR 98 (UF91108) over the Florunner check (Branch et al.
An average yield advantage of around 17 percent was observed across severe and extreme drought conditions.
A rate cut in a country usually invites selling of its currency as the move decreases the currency's yield advantage.
The target audience was previous-season customers who resided in counties with a 5-plus bushel-per-acre Pioneer yield advantage over competitive seed corn companies and who had not yet invoiced Pioneer brand seed corn for the 2003 season.
In six trials conducted at three locations in India during 1984 to 1985, ICGV 87354 had a pod yield advantage over checks ranging from 42.
43% through the end of next year, suggesting the greenback will maintain a relative yield advantage over sterling in the eyes of currency traders.
MESSAGE: Communicate results of Pioneer brand corn hybrid yield advantage over competitors for the farm operator's specific county.
In comparison with Parker, MN1401 exhibited a yield advantage of [much greater than] 1% in the Uniform Soybean Tests and 5% in Minnesota Tests (4).