year to date

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The period between the beginning of the calendar year and the present date. It is often used to calculate a company's income up to the present date and may be compared to the same period of the previous year to evaluate a company's financial health.

year to date (YTD)

January 1 until the current date. Financial publications frequently provide information for a security's YTD return, or the return provided by the security since the beginning of the calendar year.
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The overall dollar amount increased by $57,789 for the quarter and $130,048 for the year to date compared to the same periods a year ago.
The year to date increase of $139,803 in office, occupancy, insurance, and salaries costs are a result of the opening of the Company's first retail outlet in the United States in November 2005.
Interest income related to the average cash equivalent available to the Company for the quarter amounted to $53,000 and to $54,000 for the year to date.
For the quarter, the Company incurred administrative expenses of $21,000 and $24,000 for the year to date and consist mainly office, travel and investors relation expenses.
Stock based compensation related to options granted to purchase common shares of the Company (see note 5c to the March 31, 2005 Financial Statements) amounted to $2,260,000 for the quarter and $2,295,000 for the year to date.
Year to date service revenues of approximately $3,732,000 are approximately 109.