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A click-through image on the site - founded by a US college student as a project in 1999 - showed a scrawled grave stone, the company's cat head logo with x'd out eyes and the comment 'Ded Kitty'.
Eleven years ago, the worst one we had was two judges who got together and jointly printed up a sample ballot and had each of their names X'd out, indicating the judges were voting for each other.
Then a second piece was secured across the bridge of my nose, and I had a cold premonition of being X'd out, strand by strand.
It is probably the brainchild of some smart twentysomething who decided to give a more positive spin to a generation that has simply had enough of being X'd.
I brought up the flight-controls-systems (FCS) page and noticed both ailerons were completely X'd out, indicating they were not working.
Your bird will be red X'd and won't be flying until the broken SSU or its mount gets replaced or it is repaired by a depot level contact team.