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Buyers can use the stylus for clear and bright notes / images on the LCD writing pad.
Undressed and in bed, the lit candle beside the bed and pencil stub in hand, I took out the writing pad from under the pillow and wrote the address "Pen-y-Wern" at the top of the page.
He alleged that a writing pad was also found at Omar Sharif's house.
The devices feature a stylus and touch-sensitive screen, an on-screen keyboard and a writing pad with handwriting recognition.
It's Seiko's upgrade to the SmartPad, a writing pad that transfers scribbled notes and drawings to PDAs via infrared.
The Mystic Writing Pad of Sleep lifted like a magic slate erasing what is brought to light?
The Inforite IFC2000 is a transparent, pressure-sensitive writing pad that helps eliminate the need for paper receipts by electronically capturing and storing customers' signatures in point-of-sale systems.
From my indoor plant words drop down on my writing pad becoming needle cushions for ideas how to start my letters to smooth the distance between us.
I fingered through the pages of the writing pad, uneasy in the tense atmosphere.