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A feature of a new product or security intended to entice a buyer.


An extra incentive to encourage investors to buy a bond or preferred stock. For example, a bond may include a right to buy common stock in the issuer for 10% below its market value. A sweetener is designed to help sell securities. It is also called a kicker, a wrinkle, or bells and whistles.


Describing a publication printed on improperly folded or otherwise bungled paper. Wrinkled paper can be expensive to replace and can be detrimental to a marketing campaign.
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As Wrinkly Spreaders are an adaptive morphotype in static microcosms (and because ecological opportunity and niche are interlinked), we expect that a "Goldilocks" effect should be apparent in these simple microcosms, and if environmental parameters differed, perhaps the Wrinkly Spreaders would not have the competitive fitness advantage they have over non-biofilm-forming competitors.
Not sure I'd ever want to see a wrinkly Harry Styles or an arthritic Rihanna - scary thought!
"With rock artists, the more wrinkly they are the cooler they are!" Contactmusic quoted Minogue as telling website Popjustice.com.
"Well," said mum, "It's to keep my skin soft and to take care of it so that it doesn't go all wrinkly and look old."
Jen Grant is Scotland's first recognised breeder of miniature Shar Pei - wrinkly faced Chinese pooches.
There will be a glamorous granny competition, with the wrinkly wonders competing for a trophy and pounds 10 prize money.
If the clothes feel a bit stiff or wrinkly when they're dry, you can always stick them in the dryer for a few minutes.
What tipped off night staffers to this gathering of "three wrinkly Romeos and six sagging seductresses?" Loud rumba music coming from the recreation room.
It's not clear why a golf game is more scandalous than an afternoon spent pleading with wrinkly old parasites to accept a $1.2 trillion handout from the government (it certainly would have been cheaper).
But Charlotte, 19, hit back by calling Shirley a "rude, wrinkly joke".
The Journal reported how the group has reformed after a reunion and now play again as the Wrinkly Rockers.