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A feature of a new product or security intended to entice a buyer.
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An extra incentive to encourage investors to buy a bond or preferred stock. For example, a bond may include a right to buy common stock in the issuer for 10% below its market value. A sweetener is designed to help sell securities. It is also called a kicker, a wrinkle, or bells and whistles.


Describing a publication printed on improperly folded or otherwise bungled paper. Wrinkled paper can be expensive to replace and can be detrimental to a marketing campaign.
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However, the fast cure of these silicones also makes them prone to wrinkling and therefore compromises material performance (lower SIR, moisture ingress, etc.), not to mention the less-than-desirable appearance (FIGURE 1).
While palmar wrinkling after immersion in water is a common phenomenon, the hallmark of aquagenic keratoderma is the rapid development of the wrinkling.
The dynamic relaxation (DR) method has also been applied to the wrinkling patterns [11].
The edge boundary condition greatly influences the wrinkling morphology in graphene [10, 11].
"We have had consistent wrinkling issues with our .003" polyethylene interleaf web prior to winding," says Leach.
When the diameter-thick ratio D/t = 114, pipeline pressure [P.sub.max] = 7.5 MPa, dip angle [beta] = 45[degrees], wrinkling modes of the buried oil-gas pipeline under different strike-slip fault displacements are shown in Fig.
Here's how you can lessen the effect of wrinkling: 6 Splash water on your face and keep it there with a moisturiser to prevent skin dehydrating.
The body's nervous system - a network of cells used by the brain to send and receive signals to different parts of the body - controls skin wrinkling. If the brain directs skin to become prunelike, those wrinkles must provide some advantage.
They teamed with Lu to discover what came first - the cells' death or the wrinkling. Lu is an expert in nanomechanics - measuring forces on small objects.
BOSTON -- Skin wrinkling and rigidity could give physicians a clue to bone mineral density, at least among early postmenopausal women, based on a study presented as a poster at the meeting.
"We believe this is the first clinical study comparing a cosmetic antiaging regimen against a recognized prescription topical treatment for improving the appearance of facial wrinkling," says Joe Kaczvinsky, a principal scientist at P&G's beauty and grooming unit and a lead author of the study.
Cellular events of wrinkled blastula formation and the influence of the fertilization envelope on wrinkling in the seastar Patiriella exigua.