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A feature of a new product or security intended to entice a buyer.


An extra incentive to encourage investors to buy a bond or preferred stock. For example, a bond may include a right to buy common stock in the issuer for 10% below its market value. A sweetener is designed to help sell securities. It is also called a kicker, a wrinkle, or bells and whistles.


Describing a publication printed on improperly folded or otherwise bungled paper. Wrinkled paper can be expensive to replace and can be detrimental to a marketing campaign.
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However, the fast cure of these silicones also makes them prone to wrinkling and therefore compromises material performance (lower SIR, moisture ingress, etc.
While palmar wrinkling after immersion in water is a common phenomenon, the hallmark of aquagenic keratoderma is the rapid development of the wrinkling.
The Leachs invited me over to their facility to see the wrinkling issues they were having on one of their rubber calendering lines," said Lembo.
The body's nervous system - a network of cells used by the brain to send and receive signals to different parts of the body - controls skin wrinkling.
There are ways to control whether a biofilm is soft or stiff, and then you control the wrinkling and the ultimate structure the cells become," Lu said.
The three main causes of skin wrinkling and premature aging are heredity, excessive sun exposure, and smoking.
KARREN BRADY, perhaps with a touch of scepticism, discusses miracle creams to counter facial wrinkling ( Mail, May 8).
Wrinkling may be considered a defect or a desired property, depending on the coating and its end use.
Is there any food you can eat, supplement you can take, or nutrient-rich lotion you can rub on that will keep your skin from sagging and wrinkling as you age?
If not dissolved in the metal or oxidized, solidification can proceed against the accumulation of carbon films, giving rise to the characteristic surface wrinkling associated with lustrous carbon defects, Examination of these casting surfaces indicates a strong tendency for defects to form along the edges of the first stream of molten metal that enters the mold cavity.
A healthy diet may thwart skin wrinkling according to a large multi-center study evaluating the diets and skin condition of elderly people of various ethnic backgrounds and geographic locations, In the study, the least wrinkling was correlated with the highest intake of.