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A feature of a new product or security intended to entice a buyer.
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An extra incentive to encourage investors to buy a bond or preferred stock. For example, a bond may include a right to buy common stock in the issuer for 10% below its market value. A sweetener is designed to help sell securities. It is also called a kicker, a wrinkle, or bells and whistles.


Describing a publication printed on improperly folded or otherwise bungled paper. Wrinkled paper can be expensive to replace and can be detrimental to a marketing campaign.
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It will be as I said at the beginning of the campaign, it won't be your skirmishing at Durrenstein, or gunpowder at all, that will decide the matter, but those who devised it," said Bilibin quoting one of his own mots, releasing the wrinkles on his forehead, and pausing.
Try and think of your other duties, and your pretty face will not be always puckered into wrinkles, and there will be cheerfulness in the parlor as well as in the nursery.
THE SINGLE WORST threat to beauty and self-image perceived by Caucasian women in the Western world is the wrinkle, according to several surveys conducted in recent years.
Those who had wrinkle scores of two and three had almost 10 times the risk of dying compared with people who had wrinkle scores of zero, after adjustments for age, gender, education, smoking status, blood pressure, heart rate, diabetes and lipid levels.
The official 'A Wrinkle in Time' trailer introduces the young protagonist Meg Murry as she embarks on a journey across the universe to find and save her lost father.
The reason for this is that a complete wrinkle wave requires more than four elements to avoid disturbing the numerical calculations.
As the real 2-dimensional (2D) material with atomic thickness, graphene is found to wrinkle easily because of its relatively low bending rigidity [6,7].
Premium ELIZABETH ARDEN PREVAGE WRINKLE SMOOTHER, PS65 Testers were won over by the immediate blurring effect on wrinkles, and there's super-antioxidant idebenone in the formula for a genuine reduction in laughter lines.
There is only one wrinkle on the A part, but three wrinkles on B part.
Efficacy was determined via the PGAIS and the Subject Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale, Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire responses, masked assessments of photographs compared with baseline, and the Fabi/Bolton chest wrinkle scale, at 90 and 180 days post treatment.
-- Derma e has launched Firming DMAE Eye Lift and Deep Wrinkle Peptide Moisturizer SPF 30.