world fund

Global Fund

A mutual fund or other investment company that invests in securities that are traded in various countries. This is done to reduce risk, often political risk. For example, if one country's government announces a larger than normal budget deficit, or the central bank raises interest rates, this may affect security prices in one country, but not necessarily in other countries that did not take equivalent steps. Likewise, if a whole industry fails in one country, but thrives in another, investing in the same industry in both countries hedges one's risk. Some analysts argue that country diversification is less effective in an era of globalization, but other analysts dispute that. A global fund is also called a world fund. See also: Country diversification.

world fund

World fund.

US-based mutual funds that invest in securities from a number of countries, including the United States, are known as world funds or global funds.

Unlike international funds that buy only in overseas markets, world funds may keep as much as 75% of their investment portfolio in US stocks or bonds.

Because world fund managers can choose from many markets, they are often able to invest in those companies providing the strongest performance in any given period.

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Tharwa Investment's World Fund achieved a return of 8.
Summary: Taif, Saudi Arabia, Safar 08 Safar, 1432, Jan 12, 2011, SPA -- Pictures of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud prevailed in the Peace Scout Exhibit currently held in Curitiba, Brazil, organized by Scout World Fund within activities and functions of the 39th World.
7, 2010 (TAP) - Tunisia reiterates its support to the world fund of fight against A.
You can give the gay way through San Francisco--based Rainbow World Fund, the first LGBT world relief agency, founded in 2000.
The Better World Campaign is sponsored by the Better World Fund, which was created with money sourced from a $1 billion gift from media mogul Ted Turner to support UN causes.
The couple allocates 20% of their six-figure net income to a money market account used for investing, and have since added the Franklin Small Cap World fund (Nasdaq: SMCWX), and individual stocks, such as Wal-Mart Stores Inc.
So imagine my surprise when I saw a full-page ad for Pax World Fund on the back cover of this issue.
But the cardinal expressed some wariness about the organization of the summit, which was partially bankrolled by media mogul Ted Turner's Better World Fund.
Week of Omoiyari will be presented by San Francisco's Rainbow World Fund.
AMCAP Fund American Balanced Fund Capital World Growth and Income Fund EuroPacific Growth Fund Fundamental Investors </a> The Growth Fund of America The Investment Company of America The New Economy Fund New Perspective Fund New World Fund Washington Mutual Investors Fundaa
These funds, offered by companies such as Domini Social Investments, Pax World Fund and Green Century Funds, incorporate social and environmental screening criteria in choosing their investments.
However, Taylor's investment portfolio also includes presidential dolls and $800 worth of shares in the Templeton World Fund, a growth mutual fund that invests in international stocks.

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