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1. To perform a task, especially in exchange for compensation or the potential for profit. Working is necessary for any economy to function.

2. See: Job.
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see JOB.
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Later, the foundation added the Hurston/Wright Writers' Week, its multigenre summer workshop in which participants are taught by noted authors.
In the previous workshops we received a overwhelming response from parents and children.
Our survey results reveal that tutors play an integral role in the development of workshops. From the 158 responses to the multiple-choice, select-all-that-apply question "Who develops workshop content?" 43% selected "undergraduate writing center tutors," 39% selected "graduate writing tutors," and 65% selected "director." Furthermore, of the 150 responses to the open-ended question "How do you develop the content for workshops?" 22% discussed and highlighted the role of tutors (or consultants) without being specifically prompted to do so.
"In early 2017 we launched the Hogan Level 2 Certification Workshop, which focused more on advanced feedback delivery of Hogan profiles," said Sahm.
Speaking in an interview, Reginald Bakwena said the aim of the workshop was to equip artists with business skills and to also help them establish their own businesses for sustainability.
Chamber Music Workshop participants will receive 13 hours of workshop credit.
Raza Butt said Poetry competition, Visage Canvas Workshop and Visage Canvas Contest, All Rounder Competition, Wall Graffiti Workshop and Wall Graffiti Competition, Talent Competition, Theatre Workshop and Drama Competition, Crafts Designing Competition and Story Telling Workshop and Story Telling Competition will also be organized on the occasion.
Teachers will find your workshop more valuable if you give them lesson plans and other materials that will help them teach the required content.
That also goes for the workshops, which are accessible to everyone, but their prices depend on the workshop itself.
Identifying the target audience of the workshop aids the attendee in selecting which workshops to attend.
W13 - Workshop on Abstraction, Reformulation, and Approximation
Supervision of foster carers One-day workshop, London

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