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1. To perform a task, especially in exchange for compensation or the potential for profit. Working is necessary for any economy to function.

2. See: Job.




see JOB.
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Emphasis: Chamber music, private lessons, technique, repertoire, theory, workshops, composition premieres and master classes.
In the case of the PSW, the biggest hurdle for the government PM is to anticipate, in concert with the industry PM, significant challenges to program execution and to ensure those risks, issues, and opportunities are considered during the workshop.
edu/danceworkshops Deadline: TBA; Number awarded: 8-10 Requirements: Must be enrolled in PJC Summer Dance Workshop and audition for scholarships
The results are reported and discussed in three main areas: (a) participant beliefs about their workshops, (b) their attitudes toward the workshops, and (c) their intentions to attend a future IVC workshop.
The workshop will also allow functional users of DOD automated systems a forum to identify current issues and generate possible solutions to better current processes and obtain feedback on their experiences with them.
Decatur/Atlanta Intro to Ayurveda--7pm: Introduction to ayurveda, Creating Health Workshop.
One of the key messages during the workshop was that both industry and regulatory authorities share the same goal, that is, to use quantitative structure-activity relationships [Q)SARs] in a much broader scope than currently practiced for safety evaluation and chemicals management.
Ward went to her first Experience workshop in 1979.
Progress in serving people with mental disability in sheltered workshops by the 1970s is most apparent in the work of those using behavior analysis techniques to teach persons with severe retardation to handle relatively complex workshop tasks (Bellamy et al.
Knell, President & CEO, Sesame Workshop, Genius CEO Trevor Drinkwater, and Chairman Stephen K.
Summer Brass and Percussion Workshop, New Albany, 6/3-6/9.
Instructors who come for the workshop also dance six nights a week all summer as members of Benitez's ensemble, Teatro Flamenco, at the The Lodge at Santa Fe's Maria Benitez Theatre.

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