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A COVENTRY works manager is celebrating after building up a 40-year career at a firm.
Drury started his career as a trainee in the Central Foundry Division of General Motors, becoming manufacturing superintendent in 1951 and works manager in 1963.
Special Profiles works manager Steve Simms said it was part of a competition, in conjunction with Action for Employment, giving youngsters chance to combine art with engineering.
Also dining were the Jordanian regent, Prince Nasir Jamil, Tractor Group director Mr J Whitehead, Corporation director E B Fulton, Gear Group general manager Mr A Avison, Automobile Division general manager J Stirling, tractor group works manager Mr A H Blackwell and chairman of Meltham Urban District Council Clr E Greenhalgh.
And of course our dockers were infamous for their expressions and then when we worked in factories, the works manager always referred to us as "my boys".
He is pictured with works manager Philip Wright and the head of the electrical assembly department, Norman Jones Picture: DAILY POST ARCHIVE
The engine was designed and patented in 1893 by Herbert Austin, who was then Inspector of Machines and Works Manager in England for the company.
Ray Stockdale, works manager for English Heritage in the North East said: "The human eye can only see serious deterioration which has taken place over many years, whereas this method shows very small changes over a much shorter space of time that might be caused by wind erosion or rain.
Works manager Allan Ruxton said: "With a couple of our employees here playing for the team, we're happy to support a local activity which brings people together.
Works manager Mark Watts said: "We were shocked when we saw where the stairs went.
Its general works manager Tom Worrall has told me they decided to donate to the fund because it helps such worthwhile causes.
The job is especially valuable to us because it is the first contract for our newly established underground team", commented works manager Konstantin Spinos from Veidekke Anlaggning Ost.