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The works council would want to be compensated for the rent that was lost if the firm would switch to the monitoring technology, hence p = k([e.
This paper investigates the role of works councils in a simple agency framework in which works councils are supposed to monitor manager's information on behalf of the workforce.
Using linked employer-employee data, the studies find that establishments with a works council have a smaller unexplained gender wage gap than those without a council.
A works council can be very supportive in the achievement of these goals.
and the first chair of ICI, extended the works council throughout ICI.
The works council made James Callaghan, our MP, a presentation of an inscribed aerial photograph of the steelworks for the appreciation of his help to keep steel-making at Eastmoors.
As a consequence the Works Council had withdrawn its petition to suspend the reorganisation.
Wal-Mart did not consult its German works council before drafting or implementing the code, and the works council subsequently sued Wal-Mart, arguing that it could not implement the code without permitting the works council to first exercise its co-determination rights.
Two thirds of those questioned by IRS Employment Review said they had a works council or similar consultative body, many of which had been set up in the last two years.
However, companies that do this are still in the minority"The regulations seem to have prompted a revival in the fortunes of the works council, and as the law is extended to cover smaller employees, we are likely to see this continue.