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If nearly half of working population is deprived of even primary education, then how we can encash demographic dividend?
The working population is the human engine that drives business and the economy.
This will result in a huge social cost of taking care of this ageing population on the exchequer and also on the working population.
The first sentence in LawVision INSIGHTS three-part blog post on how generational differences are affecting client retention and satisfaction is a stark one: "By 2020, millennial will comprise 50 percent of the working population.
Ah yes, I hear you protest, but the world's population is also rising and in 91 years there will be a far greater working population to supply the necessary deleters.
The Emirati working population in the Capital Region is expected to expand from 250,000 in 2012 to 350,000 in 2020, and 490,000 by 2030.
Allowing the working population to use convenient times outside of respective work hours to be vaccinated may thus increase vaccination rates and improve productivity," the authors concluded.
35 million out of this, the working population is 110 million which is the 60 percent of total population.
Asserting that India has the second largest working population in the world after China, Ansari said: " India is one of the few countries where the working age population will be far in excess of those dependent on them.
According to the report in which analyzed the reflections of populations regarding the labor force, health and social security in the country, the working population between the ages of 15 and 64 is expected to reach its highest point in 2014, numbering 65.
This is an area in which racing in Britainappearsstuckinananti-Sunday mindset, regardless o f the fact that the vast majority of the working population ie.
Research from recruiting expert Hays showed two-thirds (67%) of Britain's working population is likely to move on if they were offered a better job, and almost half (42%) in Wales agree.