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It could be argued, of course, that any aesthetic effect of working drawings is accidental--that we endow these artifacts with artistic intention only after the fact.
Linear Multiple Regression of these factors with the dependent factor Frequent Changes in plans, designs and working drawings, revealed that the underlying factor Role of Consultants was said to have a more cause and effect on the dependent variable Frequent changes in plan, designs and working drawings.
Our solutions incorporate 3D design, working drawings, framing, rendering, animation, material take-off, and links to most major estimating packages.
There have been a number of working drawings we have considered as a group but this final version was decided at a meeting a little earlier this month.
Numerous archive photographs (some in colour) and other documents are on display, including the original full-size working drawings for Perriand's swivel chair and for the celebrated Chaise longue, Fauteuil a dossier basculant and Grand Confort co-designed by the trio.
Garforth said his design team was poised to start final working drawings once provincial funding is approved.
Reality Building Design's price for delivering a full set of working drawings that can be presented to a building department is 50 to 75 cents per square foot.
They're not the detailed drawings that had to do with our scope of work, so what we did was provide the detailed and working drawings in terms of as-cast and machined dimensions.
The services under this consultancy include: Design and supervision of construction of two new secondary schools, each with capacity for 750 students; Preparation of working drawings for and supervision of rehabilitation expansion and upgrading of about 10 secondary schools; supervision of the renovation of two district educational facilities of the Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development, Youth and Sports.
There's flexibility of design right now," Mosler added, since only the general shape and design have been decided, but no working drawings are complete.
Weston liked Christo's work and began acquiring working drawings of his projects, and the artist's style turned out to be a happy match for the building's innovative, modern design.