workers' cooperative

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workers' cooperative

an organization that is owned and controlled by those who work in it (though some in the UK have a few external shareholders). To be fully accepted as a workers' cooperative, such an organization must adhere to the general principles of the International Cooperative Alliance, including the requirement that each member has an equal vote at general meetings. Voting should not be proportional to share capital.

A critical issue that faces all cooperatives is how to organize the MANAGEMENT function: should all cooperative members be actively involved in management (as in a workers' collective), or should managerial functions be delegated to specialist managers? There is the obvious danger with the former that decision-making could be slowed down, that RESPONSIBILITY will be unclear and that many of those involved in management will not be sufficiently competent. But if specialists are employed, some of the democratic character of the cooperative will be lost. The question arising from this dilemma is whether the need to compete in markets will force cooperatives to ‘degenerate’ into conventional hierarchically organized firms.

Many believe that cooperatives are not a sustainable alternative to conventional business organizations. Proof that they could be comes from the Mondragon area of northern Spain. Here some 20,000 workers are employed in a large number of cooperatives in all sectors of the local economy. Critical to their success have been cooperation between cooperatives, facilitating the sharing of skills and resources, and the existence of a strong support structure, including a bank, providing finance and business skills. Such support is not as well advanced in the UK. See INDUSTRIAL DEMOCRACY.

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The 880 employees of the maritime transporter received the unexpected support of the French state, which was until now reluctant to back a workers' cooperative defended by the local chapters of the company's majority trade union, the CFDT.
Our initial ownership might be less than 50 percent, where the partners are a workers' cooperative and the local provincial government.
The present administration has not embarked on a housing program intended solely for its employees," the workers' cooperative said in a proposal presented to the City Council.
Welder-turned-businessman John Rosamund has written the first inside account of the famous workers' cooperative that took over the Triumph motorcycle works at Meriden in the 1970s.
The post Our View: SGOs are run like workers' cooperatives appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
He said workers are terminated every five months and thereafter are rehired for the same duration or by denying the existence of employer-employee relationship by engaging the services of workers either from workers' cooperatives or manpower agencies.
VITAL council services could be hived off to new "workers' cooperatives" as city bosses look to shrink their multi-million pound budget.
And it wouldn't hurt to learn from Argentina and lay the legal groundwork for workers' cooperatives to expropriate bankrupt factories.
1), many students of workers' cooperatives considered Mondragon the most outstanding case of cooperative development in the world.
The most well known forms, workers' cooperatives in agricultural and urban environments, growing out of nineteenth century nationalist and socialist world views and reacting to European restrictions on Jews in the economy, addressed the freedom of Jews to be laborers.

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