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He added the amnesty scheme being worked upon was being finalized and fine-tuned to ensure it is more advantageous for the people and the government.
He said that infrastructure of Karachi is being worked upon due to which investments will increase in the metropolis.
Talking about the shortcoming on which he had worked upon, Amin insisted that he has started backing his strengths and worked upon power-hitting techniques which were clearly reflected on his performances during the Pakistan Cup.
Chief Executive Officer of Telenor Pakistan, Irfan Wahab Khan also took the stage and said that the variety of mobile phone applications over agriculture was being worked upon for betterment and addition to the development in the country.
The deal was being worked upon for some time, with the final points said to have been agreed over the weekend.
a proposal on similar lines has come and is being worked upon.
Smartwatches are still new to the market, so is Android wear and the whole platform has some rough edges which can be worked upon.
The feeling throughout the whole rehearsal period was really positive and it was certainly the most enjoyable production that I have worked upon.
This will be done once the federal insurance plan, that is currently being worked upon, is in place," he added.