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Lee told the committee that, after he signed a form affidavit admitting that he worked off the clock, he was threatened with discharge and loss of his profit sharing benefits.
I worked off the clock in each of the (7) stores I worked in.
Now that the well is operating continuously, the water will be worked off over the next several days and result in 90% or better, of all fluids produced, being oil.
However while the bulls claim that economic conditions are improving on schedule and that valuation levels are justified, the bears say that the global imbalances of excess capacity and massive deficits have yet to be worked off.
We are very pleased that our major customer for the FS-1000 has seen a pick-up in business and has worked off their inventory.
From Chicago, Steve went to New York where he worked Off Broadway, and appeared as a writer/performer on the Dana Carvey Show.