work study

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Work Study

1. A program whereby a college or university allows a student to work on campus in exchange for a reduction in tuition or other fees.

2. A program whereby an educational institution combines theoretical study with practical experience. Traditionally, work study alternates semesters between classroom study and full-time, paid employment in a position related to one's field. This is more commonly called cooperative education.
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work study


time and motion study

an area of PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT concerned with ensuring the best possible use of human and material resources in carrying out a specified activity. Work study embraces the techniques of METHOD STUDY, which analyses the ways JOBS are done with a view to improving these methods, and WORK MEASUREMENT, which seeks to measure the time required to perform jobs.
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Invite key contacts from internships, employers, work study, etc.
* Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly said the University of Texas System plans to develop a work study program in Houston.
Unlike other federal financial aid programs that distribute money according to how many students at a university actually need aid, money for the work study program is based instead on how much a university received the previous year, and how much it charges for tuition.
Potential migrants who desire to move to the United States, Russia, and the United Kingdom for study or work study are less educated and younger than 25.
Hence the need to engage the services of student librarian work study programme
Results of the work study are due to be released early next month.
For example, the Carolina Covenant is not a specific financial aid program, but a pledge to meet the financial needs of low-income students by carefully coordinating grants, scholarships, and work study.
Goniea served as one of Schrieber's volunteer drivers while in college and was supervised in a VA vocational rehabilitation work study program by Schrieber.
"When I was just 17 years old, I learned about IREM and the industry through a high school work study program," Irvin said.
Some students were partially able to meet their work requirements through work study assignments.
Two voids help achieve this; a central double-height atrium that serves as the focus of the house connecting living spaces with a mezzanine work study, and more curiously a horizontal void, 770mm high, that articulates the structural division between concrete basement and timber frame; a continuously expressed interstitial datum that lies coincident with the re-entrant cutout.
In the beginning, the majority of the students participating in the mathematics training had upper-division standing and were drawn from across the university under the Federal Work Study Program (2004).