word of mouth recommendation

‘word of mouth’ recommendation

the personal endorsement of a product by a satisfied customer who creates additional sales potential by extolling the merits of the product to friends, neighbours etc.
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A word of mouth recommendation from a satisfied customer has helped Ulma Packaging win new business with one of the UK's leading producers of quality sausages.
As word of mouth recommendation generated further jobs, Bill felt rather overwhelmed, but help was always on hand.
Summary: International patients from around the Arab world and Western countries are choosing to come to Dubai for specialist surgical procedures, as word of mouth recommendation spreads.
Paul Stobart, chief executive, UK and Ireland Region, Sage (UK), added: "Given that word of mouth recommendation is the most important driver of new business it makes sense to measure how our customers feel about us and our business partners.
Mr Mason said: "It's this word of mouth recommendation that's so important.
EPA managing director Charles Bell said: "Until now we have relied on word of mouth recommendation and repeat business but with the new office and website we're now looking to develop the business overseas.
Word of mouth recommendation is clearly crucial, pushing new titles like The Kite Runner instantly on to the Reading Group bestseller list alongside old favourites' Books come and go but these novels have struck a lasting chord with passionate readers who know a good book when they read it
More than four out of ten people surveyed (42 per cent) said they had been ripped off by tradesmen carrying out home improvements, and nearly two thirds (62 per cent) said they would choose a tradesman using only a word of mouth recommendation.
All my work comes by word of mouth recommendation so I must be doing something right.
Because of their international reputation, this 30-year-old company gains most of its business through word of mouth recommendations.