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Commercial Paper

An unsecured, short-term debt security issued by a corporation. Commercial paper is usually issued at a discount from par, and is a popular investment with mutual funds. It usually is issued in large denominations (over $250,000) and has a maturity of less than 270 days, with most maturing within one or two months of issue. It is a highly liquid investment and forms part of the money market. It is often simply called paper.


A short-term unsecured note. This is generally used interchangeably with the term commercial paper.


Short-term, unsecured debt securities that a corporation issues are often referred to as paper -- for short-term commercial paper. The term is sometimes used to refer to any corporate bonds, whether secured or unsecured, short or long term.


Slang for promissory notes.If a seller is willing to provide some or all of the financing for a property, the seller would say,“I'm willing to hold some paper.” Lenders who specialize in loans to borrowers with less-than-ideal credit histories are said to specialize in B paper.

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We have tried a wide range of samples, including cotton, wood pulps, bacterial cellulose, and anything else I could get my hands on.
In 1992, while global paper production reached a record high, wood pulp production actually declined slightly, thanks to the growing supply of the two alternatives that don't require the cutting of trees - recycled paper and nonwood fiber.
Long's "Vim" breads still appear to get their cellulose fiber from wood pulp.
The Specialised Cellulose business generated improved returns due to increased US Dollar spot prices for dissolving wood pulp in China; driven by improved conditions for viscose staple fibre.
The wood pulp market report with 2015-2020 forecasts spread across 150 pages, profiling 8 major companies and supported with 98 tables and figures is now available at http://www.
The Policy states that Sateri will only purchase wood pulp that is not:
The company is seeking license to build the wood chip factory and wood pulp plant to be built later, Panigoro said.
Green activist Evangelina Carrozo, left - who was also wearing kneehigh boots - was demonstrating against the pollution that will be caused by two wood pulp plants being built in Uruguay.
While it is true that real sea sponges have been in use since the Roman Empire, synthetic alternatives made primarily from wood pulp became commonplace by the middle of the 20th century.
We've not really seen any major conflict between other uses and wood pulp, but I think we might be getting to that point soon.
But it rebounded in 2002 to pre-crisis levels, in part on strengthening prices and increased exports of dollar-denominated commodities such as grains, wood pulp and minerals.
The company says the cubes, made from 60 percent non-chlorinated petroleum derivatives and 40 percent cellulostic fibers from wood pulp, offer an environmental solution for business that is cost-efficient and dependable.