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In addition, Holt said PPG will not enter into long-term contracts without price flexibility to offset unanticipated energy and other inflationary costs outside the company's control.
The higher production costs are expected to be borne by the generators, as 90% of the energy demand in the SING is sold through fixed price contracts without price indexation clauses.
Organizations like the California ISO may be able to run auctions for its own transmission, but Energy Crossroads is the first to enable companies with limited resources to buy and sell competitively on the open market, leverage excess capacity, and take advantage of a long buying position for products without price transparency.
Interfacing with the Boston, New York, American and London stock exchanges, as well as a number of over-the-counter markets including Nasdaq, Lattice continuously monitors both the market and its own list of orders, automatically matching existing buy and sell orders to cross them without price changes.
Without price recovery, Denbury is not expected to generate sufficient cash flow to achieve meaningful, sustained debt reduction to prior expected levels.
Prive Porter lists a bag, without prices, on Instagram, and within hours, one of the 56,000+ followers, from over 45 countries, contacts them and buys the bag.
Yavor Kuyumdzhiev, MP of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) suggested that the adoption of the legal changes had helped prevent the energy sector from descending into chaos because otherwise "the entire sector would have woken up to a situation without prices and a regulatory framework on July 1.
Bar menus and wine lists on this week's preview cruise were specially printed without prices.
Without prices, though, the task becomes next to impossible.