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A transaction in which a customer receives back money he/she had previously deposited at a bank, pension, or trust. When one makes a withdrawal on a pension or similar plan, it may carry a penalty depending on the pension's rules. For example, one must usually be of a certain age in order to make a withdrawal. There is rarely such a penalty when making a withdrawal from a bank. For instance, when one closes an account, the client makes a withdrawal on all the money he/she owns at that bank.


A withdrawal is money you take out of your banking, brokerage firm, or other accounts.

If you withdraw from tax-deferred retirement accounts before you turn 59 1/2, you may owe a 10% early withdrawal penalty plus any income tax that's due on the amount you've taken out.

In everyday usage, the term withdrawal is used interchangeably with distribution to describe money you take from your tax-deferred accounts, though distribution is actually the correct term.

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They examined the mean withdrawal time for negative procedures and the individual polyp detection rate.
Except as required by applicable law, notes tendered and consents delivered may be withdrawn or revoked, respectively, until such time as the trustee under the Indenture receives an officer's certificate certifying receipt of the requisite consents in compliance with the terms of the Indenture (the "Withdrawal Time"), but not thereafter, and notes tendered and consents delivered after the Withdrawal Time and before the expiration of the Offer may not be withdrawn or revoked, respectively.
CONSOL intends to issue a notice of redemption for all 2017 Senior Notes not tendered pursuant to the Offer prior to the Withdrawal Time.
The Committee also noted a number of changes since implemented at Mr Main's practice, including a pharmacy review to improve traceability of drugs; withdrawal of the use of tranexamic acid in the management of Exercise Induced Pulmonary Haemorrhage; and a cautious approach to drug withdrawal times.
I'd taken the normal precautions that I've always taken regarding withdrawal times, but these tests were one step ahead," he said.
Therefore, some of the current labeling that allows for withdrawal times or residue testing claims can be confusing for consumers.
The residues can be avoided by using prescribed treatment protocols and allowing sufficient withdrawal times after treatment for the compounds to be depleted from the animals.
It is important before using these products to check which type they are and the withdrawal times and duration of activity to ensure the product meets your requirements.
Check the product insert for further, information and remember withdrawal times for lactating animals.
Morris, whose team is also working with overseas authorities on expanding the number of drugs, such as corticosteroids, for which recommended withdrawal times are available, said: "Nicky Henderson did the right thing by going for an elective test.
Ko said, "Polyp detection rates are linked to withdrawal times.
It is important before using these products to check the withdrawal times to ensure the product meets your requirements.