withdrawal plan

Withdrawal plan

Agreement that a mutual fund will disburse automatic periodic redemptions to the investor.

Withdrawal Plan

1. A strategy in which an investor sells a certain number or type of securities each year. One may use the proceeds to fund any number of things, such as a child's college education or one's own retirement. The risk of a withdrawal plan is the possibility that one may not have sufficient cash to buy replacement securities or, more simply, that one may run out of securities to sell.

2. See: Systematic withdrawal plan.

withdrawal plan

An option offered by some open-end investment companies whereby an investor can receive payments at regular intervals. Withdrawal plans are generally used by people who wish to use their accumulated funds for retirement purposes. Also called systematic withdrawal plan.
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Analysts say, now growth option could be more suitable and to meet regular income needs the investors might not opt for the Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) henceforth as in SWP, the gains will still be taxed and therefore may not help much in reducing tax liability.
Until Sajjan deploys Canadians in support of our allies in Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan, Canada offers only token deployments, without all arms or a withdrawal plan.
Contract notice: Establishment of the withdrawal plan and administrative management of the file; Implementation of the asbestos removal process;
The use of the funds will be done in keeping with the loan withdrawal plan defined by the loan agreement.
The spokesman also noted that "the phased withdrawal plan for assets and personnel is currently being executed [and] is closely coordinated with NATO headquarters and Turkey.
He said the talks were aimed at securing a ceasefire, agreeing on a withdrawal plan for the Huthi rebels and stepping up deliveries of humanitarian aid.
The administration, however, has shown no inclination so far for going beyond 2016; that's a hard line drawn by the president when he announced the withdrawal plan.
This will put pressure on Afghan forces and the newly-elected government of President Ashraf Gani, who has requested US to be flexible with its withdrawal plan and the suggestion has merit.
Honasan said the operations plan should contain information like coordinating instructions, withdrawal plan, resupply of bullets among others.
The report quoted an official as saying that in all these meetings, the delegation stressed the need for reviewing the US withdrawal plan and for developing a mechanism to help Pakistan fight the militants after the expiry of the Coalition Support Fund as well.
Speaking to journalists in Tokyo, he said the US was "still considering" the details of its withdrawal plan.
This plan is not only a good way of building up assets; it also allows the investor to implement a withdrawal plan.