window period

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Window period

The allotted time for parties to release themselves from any obligations to a contract without penalty; the period between the filing of a registration statement of a new security with the SEC and the date that security can be issued; the period in which company employees, executives, and other insiders are allowed to trade the company's stock. See Effective date

Window Period

The period of time during which the SEC allows executives and certain employees to trade in stock of their own company. Window periods exist in order to prevent insider trading while also allowing executives to keep skin in the game.

window period

The time interval during which a company permits its executives and key employees to trade its stock. See also blackout period.
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He said JAMB as a responsive organisation took the decision, albeit with great hesitation, to accommodate candidates who failed to register between the two months window period that ended at midnight of Tuesday, 6th February, 2018.
Once passed and gazetted, there will be a window period for compliance before implementation proper is adopted.
But due to a leg injury, the 5-foot-10 guard had to skip their games against the Japanese and the Taiwanese in the first window period of the World Cup home-and-away qualifying series.
The purchases were made during an open window period and in full compliance with all company and legal guidelines, Huang said.
NAT detects viruses even in the window period and its introduction has eliminated the transmission of deadly viruses by blood transfusion.
The PBA schedule is another problem to be resolved since the All-Filipino conference runs smack into the first two windows of the Fiba event, while the third conference is also in conflict with the window period in June and July.
Further, to identify the long memory features (Hurst exponent approach), the exchange rates of sample currencies were divided into two parts: First window period and Second window period.
Hence, the need for individual donor nucleic acid test (ID-NAT) for HBV is necessary to circumvent the risk of missed positive cases during the window period, occult infections, and HBsAg assays that do not detect all known S mutants.
July 13, China Petrochemical seize the relative stability of South Sudan window period, the 20 emergency workers in the southern capital Juba safely evacuated to Kenya.
With the NAT pooling method, the window period is reduced to 11 days in case of HIV, 23 days in case of HCV and 34 days in case of Hepatitis B.
In some cases, the donor may be in a window period - before his HIV viral load can be detected - when he donates the blood.
Clearly, the single most important defining characteristic for each new generation of HIV assays is a reduction in the window period [i.