window period

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Window period

The allotted time for parties to release themselves from any obligations to a contract without penalty; the period between the filing of a registration statement of a new security with the SEC and the date that security can be issued; the period in which company employees, executives, and other insiders are allowed to trade the company's stock. See Effective date

Window Period

The period of time during which the SEC allows executives and certain employees to trade in stock of their own company. Window periods exist in order to prevent insider trading while also allowing executives to keep skin in the game.

window period

The time interval during which a company permits its executives and key employees to trade its stock. See also blackout period.
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This rule drastically limits the ability of a foreign corporation to change its accounting method in one of the window periods under the automatic or nonautomatic procedures.
It sounds discriminating on part of Galaxy S3 I9300 users not having Android KitKat update but Galaxy Note 2 backs up the update window period for that model.
Confirmation was also provided that Crawshays have agreed to renew their annual visit to North Wales with ongoing discussions taking place to bring Cambridge University to Parc Eirias as well during the November International window period.
Kuala Lumpur, June 3 (ANI): The Malaysian Associated Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MAICCI) has appealed to the government to decrease the current three-month window period for the return of foreign workers wanting to work in Malaysia.
Andronikou also believes it will be necessary to sell "one or two" players, although the club would need special dispensation from FIFA to do this outside of a transfer window period.
Routine HIV testing should occur during the first and third trimesters of pregnancy to account for the 3-6 month window period of detecting HIV antibodies.
In October 2005 a more sensitive HIV nucleic acid amplification test (NAT) for blood donations was introduced in South Africa to identify donations made during the window period before seroconversion.
John should give those personnel who choose to leave the company a window period to stay until proper handover of their duties and responsibilities to their colleagues is carried out.
This leaves a window period where the multimers are predominant thus producing a pro-coagulant effect that potentially could lead to a thrombotic event.
A careful evaluation of longitudinal specimens from known seroconverting individuals defined a threshold cutoff and a post-seroconversion window period.
A motion for discharge is filed under the current rule after the window period has expired and there remains no time to bring the defendant to trial.
Currently, blood and plasma donors are tested for HCV antibodies, and for HIV antibodies and antigens, but a window period remains in which a donor can be infected with these viruses but have negative screening tests.