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Mr Tsogwane said he had pledged to build two houses, revealing that one, which is also at window level, is under construction in Makalamabedi.
It blanketed the Llangollen Canal and cocooned our vessel to window though we'd just hitched a ride on a cloud.
The Mogobane- based elderly care centre is currently raising funds towards completion of a building which is at window level.
The cargo space with the rear luggage cover in place is 410 litres, which rises to 860 litres to window level. There is a total of 1,513 litres to the roof with the rear seats folded.
She recalled the last time there was such serious flooding in Freemount was in the 1920s when the water reached window level, as it did on Tuesday night.
The water had reached window level of their car by the time the rescue effort started.
The roses have grown tall, no longer covering the pipes, and the flowers are at the top, above window level. What can I do to restore foliage and flowers lower down the stems?