windfall profit

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Windfall profit

A sudden unexpected profit uncontrolled by the profiting party.


A sudden, unexpected profit or gain. A windfall may occur, for example, after a company announces an earnings surprise and its stock consequently jumps significantly. Companies may also experience windfall when demand for their products skyrockets; for example, an umbrella manufacturer may see windfall during an especially rainy year. See also: Windfall shares, Windfall tax.

windfall profit

an exceptional gain or PROFIT arising from a sudden and unexpected change in market conditions which serves to raise the price of a FINANCIAL SECURITY, FIXED ASSET or STOCK.
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We anticipated heteroscedasticity because of a size bias in the measurement of windfall profit and taxes.
Indeed, a well-run company would use the windfall profits on its export to Britain of cars made in Germany to compensate for losses on the export of British-made Rovers to the rest of the EU.
The study adds that the airlines will make further windfall profits from the Commission's decision to stop the clock for a year to give the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) more time to negotiate a global solution to the problem of aviation emissions.
was not eligible to claim a foreign tax credit for its payment of the windfall profits tax because the tax did not meet the gross receipts requirement of Regs.
Kinross President and CEO Tye Burr responded that while the negotiations were confidential, the company was hoping to find some ways to mitigate the impact of the windfall profits tax and of the other taxes and royalties.
High international gold and silver prices allow mining companies to reap windfall profits of up to 53% that are not shared with the state, say experts.
A windfall profits tax is a higher tax rate on profits that ensue from a sudden windfall gain to a particular company or industry.
Moreover, some contractors have achieved windfall profits of millions of pounds through refinancing and selling equity stakes in PFI contracts.
Huge windfall profits among investment banks are in prospect this year, fuelled by state interventions to prop up the system following the financial crisis and reduced competition after the demise of players such as Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers.
The government may also be willing to soften a tough tax on windfall profits when prices are high.
Working families are struggling in the face of the recession, the redistribution of windfall profits would help support Britain through these difficult times.
Gerard also said that while he is optimistic about working with the new Congress, it is too soon to know whether API will be able to convince lawmakers to oppose a windfall profits tax on the oil industry.