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SHOW OF SUPPORT: Workers gathered at Wilton this morning for a meeting in support of wildcat strikes across the country sparked by a dispute over the use of local labour in Wales FEARS: Workers, left, after a meeting where they spoke of worries over job security
CRUCIAL talks aimed at resolving the bitter row over energy jobs will resume today amid more wildcat strikes across Britain.
Even the board's generally pro-union, Democratic members backed the resolution, so fed up were they about the wildcat strike and the public hazard it poses.
Amid all the condemnation of this week's wildcat strike could I just say 'Thanks guys'.
Summary: Workers from several power stations and oil terminals across the UK have joined a wildcat strike by refinery staff.
A WILDCAT strike at Vauxhall in Ellesmere Port yesterday was prompted by fears of job losses at the motor manufacturer.
In Liverpool, the wildcat strike escalated from Wednesday's 10 sorting offices to 17 across Merseyside.
Anne Bove Nielsen, a spokeswoman for SAS Denmark, said that intercontinental flights are not affected by the wildcat strike.
Refuse collectors launched a wildcat strike last Wednesday after a manager made remarks in connection with new work schedules.
The action followed a wildcat strike by more than 1,000 workers at the Dagenham assembly factory on Tuesday which hit production of the top-selling Fiesta model.
While union chiefs have confirmed the wildcat strike action will not spread to Newcastle Airport, the region has not entirely escaped the knock-on effects.
But 300 North Glasgow NHS Trust workers are unlikely to end their wildcat strike as the deal doesn't address their complaints over pay grades.