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A former HSBC Holdings (LSE: HSBA) employee has turned whistle-blower and revealed the names of clients whom the bank had helped to dodge tax.
We've seen examples in the residential care sector that when whistle-blowers are sidelined, desperate relatives resort to hidden cameras.
60% of whistle-blowers receive no response from management, either positive or negative
The first helpful whistle-blower received about $50,000 for his help in (http://www.
In the corporate context, whistle-blowers is a term used to describe those employees who report wrongdoings to those in authority, or to the public.
Supreme Court that resulted in a ruling weakening protections for government whistle-blowers.
Adding another level of enforcement, the state laws will enable the federal government to reclaim monies without getting involved in smaller whistle-blower cases.
Administrators loathe whistle-blowers because invariably it is their competence that is in question.
Passage of such a law would have a number of potential benefits, but available studies of jurisdictions where these laws exist suggest a limited impact on the actual number of cases of wrongdoing brought forward and limited effectiveness in protecting whistle-blowers against damage to their careers.
Successfully used by Medicare, the bounty hunter approach allows whistle-blowers to share in funds recovered through prosecutions under the False Claims Act.
Having nowhere else to turn, he contacted the government agency charged with protecting federal whistle-blowers and with enforcing antidiscrimination rules: the Office of Special Counsel.
It contains an interesting database that is apparently current: the names and present residences of whistle-blowers concealed by the government's witness-protection program.