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An area in which water is permanently trapped in the soil. Examples of wetlands include swamps and bogs. Wetlands improve the quality of water in the area, provide fish (thereby creating jobs), and present other economic benefits.
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(1) Land normally saturated with water, such as swamps or marshes.Wetlands are now recognized as an important component of wildlife preservation, water purification, and protection against hurricanes. The federal government currently has no centralized wetlands protection program; the primary vehicle for preservation is the Clean Water Act as administered by the Environmental Protection Agency.Many states do have comprehensive wetlands management programs, however, and care should be taken to review all relevant laws before purchasing property that might be construed as wetlands. (2) An alternative wastewater management system is called constructed wetlands;it makes use of natural cleaning systems found in wetlands.The following diagrammed system, called the subsurface flow system, can handle discharges up to 10,000 gallons a day—enough for a small community
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"There are plenty of places where things can go wrong,'' said Lealdon Langley, director of the wetlands and waterways program at the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.
The wetlands in this area were notably diverse and included "bogs" dominated by Sphagnum mosses, emergent marshes, riparian fens, forested swamps, vernal pools, and ponds, many with 1-3 m of standing water.
in recent decades has brought the issue of wetlands loss to the forefront of debates on zoning and land use planning.
Aside from serving as natural water storage areas, wetlands also function as flood conveyance and provide a habitat to fish and wildlife.
It also supports efforts by MECA to designate the reserve as a Ramsar site - wetlands that are recognised as being of international importance - in addition to promoting better understanding of how the Wetlands Reserve functions as an ecosystem for the waterbirds and other marine and terrestrial life that depend upon it throughout the year.
Conservationists say over 87 percent of all the wetland areas actually provide food and additional household income for Colombo's urban poor.
He said the abundant vegetation found in urban wetlands act as a filter for domestic and industrial waste, which contributes to improved water quality.
Urban wetlands like Rawal Lake are also essential as they provide cities with multiple economic, social and cultural benefits.
In Sindh, wetlands are increasingly drying up and becoming more water depleted, which reflects the impact of water demand upon wetlands.
The post Appreciating the wetlands that will secure our future appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
The restoration and management of healthy wetland ecosystem mainly adopt biological, ecological, and engineering technology, gradually restore the structure and function of degraded wetland ecosystem, and finally reach the selfsustaining state of wetland ecosystem.
The majority of these transgressions have gone largely unpunished while encroachment on wetlands continues to flourish.

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