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General Obligation Bond

In the United States, a municipal bond in which the issuing locality pledges to use all revenues at its disposal to pay bondholders, including the raising of property taxes. Should a sufficient number of residents not pay their property taxes that it impacts revenue for bondholders, the terms of the bond legally require the municipality to raise property taxes to make up the shortfall. There are two basic types of general obligation bonds. A limited GO allows for the raising of property taxes up to a certain percentage, while an unlimited GO theoretically allows the municipality to levy taxes of up to 100% of a property's value. Because an unlimited GO provides a great incentive to pay property tax on time, and because many states only allow such a bond to be issued following a vote on the matter, credit ratings agencies usually rate them higher. However, both types of GO are generally rated highly.


To trade, especially at a given price. For example, one may say that a stock "goes" at $10, meaning that one may trade at its current share price of $10.


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Unfortunately, these youths returned to the hostel high on drugs and for no reason went round smashing the place up.
And the more the cars went round and round and round, the more George sat still, eyes glued to the screen.
When he was there, his work rang for him so I went round.
He went round to our son's house and he and his wife are now on at me to take him back as they say they believe him.
A number of hopefuls also went round before racing on Friday including Linda Jones's Kinda Wild (28.
After his opening day six under par 65, Bebb could only manage a level par 71 to lose ground on English leader Andrew Butterfield who went round in 69.
She then went round the back of the house and found the kitchen filled with smoke.
One of the bitches went round the sprint course in 18.