weekend effect

Weekend effect

The common recurrent low or negative average return from Friday to Monday in the stock market.

Monday Effect

The belief that securities market returns on Mondays are less than the other days of the week, and are often negative on average. This effect has been observed in both American and foreign exchanges. Studies have documented it since the 1920s, but no theory has adequately explained the reasons it exists. Studies have suggested the existence of a Monday effect for a diverse range of securities, from equities to debt to commodities. However, since the mid-1970s or mid-1980s (depending on the study and methodology), large firm securities seem to have exhibited what might be called a 'reverse Monday effect,' in which differences between Monday trading and the rest of the week are not statistically significant. Small firm securities have continued to exhibit the Monday effect. It is also known as the "weekend effect."

weekend effect

The tendency of securities to perform better on Fridays than on Mondays. Some technical analysts contend the weekend effect is primarily the result of the Monday auctions of U.S. Treasury securities.
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DAVID Cameron praised the Mirror for reporting the findings of an Imperial College London study which claims 770 babies a year die due to the weekend effect.
The reasons for the less favorable outcomes can be attributed to the weekend effect because hospital staff and resources are decreased over the weekend, including consulting and diagnostic testing service, which leads to a decreased level of patient care and slower service in departments that support surgeons and their patients, such as processing X-rays, providing rehabilitation or monitoring pain.
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Certainly, the additional time spent socializing accounts for a large part of the weekend effect, as the average amount of time Americans are spending socializing rises from about six hours on weekdays to about eight hours on weekends and public holidays.
In this paper, I investigate an alternative hypothesis: that the weekend effect is caused by the delayed provision of specific intensive treatments which may be difficult to remedy with regulation alone.