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A chart pattern composed of two converging lines connecting peaks and troughs. In the case of falling wedges, the pattern indicates temporary interruptions of upward price rallies. In the case of rising wedges, indicates interruptions of a falling price trend.


In technical analysis, a series of high and low prices for a security that, when plotted on a chart, looks vaguely like a triangle. A triangle indicates that investors do not know whether a bull market or a bear market will prevail. If the triangle breaks upward, it is a bullish sign, but if it breaks downward, it is a bearish sign. A triangle is also called a wedge. See also: Ascending sign, Descending sign.


See triangle.
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4B), initial growth increases the width, but the most recent growth is concentrated on the medial or lateral surface at the sulcus, decreasing towards the dorsal and ventral surfaces, resulting in a wedgelike appearance.
The shape of the windows and the sharp wedgelike profile also combine with the integrated headlamps and grille to give the new 9-3 its distinctive Saab identity.
Split vertically, half of the angular facade is clad in ultra-white glass sandblasted with wedgelike patterns and thin horizontal bands that diffuse a more radiant light into the interior; the other half is clad in a bluish green glass, some of it opaque and some transparent.