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A chart pattern composed of two converging lines connecting peaks and troughs. In the case of falling wedges, the pattern indicates temporary interruptions of upward price rallies. In the case of rising wedges, indicates interruptions of a falling price trend.


In technical analysis, a series of high and low prices for a security that, when plotted on a chart, looks vaguely like a triangle. A triangle indicates that investors do not know whether a bull market or a bear market will prevail. If the triangle breaks upward, it is a bullish sign, but if it breaks downward, it is a bearish sign. A triangle is also called a wedge. See also: Ascending sign, Descending sign.


See triangle.
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You'll notice that if you place a wedge down in the playing position on top of a table that the leading edge is often a small distance above the table top.
Drive a wedge into the back cut kerf to try and lift the tree off your saw.
When glue is dry, stitch over curved raw edge of wedge unit with decorative machine stitch (Photo D).
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Every day, randomized patients placed in their shoes either a wedge insole with a 5-degree pitch, or a flat, fully compressible control insole.
Made from a rigid HDPE plastic, Craemer reel saddles and multi-purpose wedges can be easily and securely locked either longitudinally or crossways on to the pallet to provide a safe anchor point to prevent reel movement in transport or storage.
The mean Ritchie index scores of the groups were not improved at the 1st month visit, but statistically significant improvement was found at the 3rd month visit in the group using 6 mm wedge insole compared to the baseline values (p=0.
They may not be the easiest to walk in, but tottering wedges are streets ahead when it comes to sexy summer shoes.