wealth effect

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Wealth effect

The impact of changes in actual or perceived value of assets on consumption decisions. Changes in wealth that are perceived to be temporary will have a smaller effect on consumption expenditures than changes in wealth that are deemed permanent.

wealth effect

The relationship between personal wealth and consumer spending. According to the wealth effect consumers have a tendency to spend a larger proportion of personal income as their wealth increases. The wealth effect was used to explain increases in consumer spending in the late 1990s when stock prices boomed.

wealth effect

the effect on current CONSUMPTION of changes in a person's WEALTH, in particular changes in the prices of owner-occupied houses. Rapid increases in property values may encourage property owners to spend more on current consumption, either out of current DISPOSABLE INCOME or on CREDIT;

conversely, falling property prices may serve to reduce property owners‘wealth and cause them to curtail their current consumption. See CONSUMPTION FUNCTION.

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For example, Ibrahim (2010) finds evidence for a wealth effect in Thailand, while Ciarlone (2011) finds support for a wealth effect for a panel of 17 emerging economies.
For these households, the wealth effect will be reduced.
few weeks, this wealth effect could be reversed, leading to lower consumer confidence and a reversal of the US recovery seen so far.
Therefore, studies of the wealth effect on consumption should account for both different types of wealth and different types of consumer products and services.
The wealth effect is believed to be fairly widespread due to the fact that financial portfolios are significantly made up of home values.
One major reason for the upturn of the composite score of monitoring indicators is stock price index surging from 7,177 in January to 7,856 in February, which created a wealth effect stimulating consumption.
firms experience a negative wealth effect around key SOX event dates.
He said: "Healthy housing market activity boosts demand for carpets, fittings and furnishings as well as major household appliances, while rising house prices can have a significant wealth effect.
In other words, the Fed threw the dollar into the shredder in an attempt to create a stock-market wealth effect that assumes consumers who see their portfolios rising will borrow and spend more, igniting the moribund U.
This paper examines the real-estate wealth-consumption relationship over the past half century with a particular focus on the sharp decline in 2006-08, and finds that the wealth effect in the recent down market is significantly larger than in an up market.
Among the drivers of this growth is the majority of the youth population in the regional demography, plus the wealth effect created by the oil boom that has brought in surplus resources.
The models of the wealth effect suggest that a dollar loss in either the stock market or housing wealth has a roughly similar effect on consumption, so the course of the stock market is likely to have a more important effect on consumption than the course of housing prices.