weak dollar

Weak dollar

A depreciated dollar with respect to other currencies, meaning that more dollars are needed to buy a unit of foreign currency. Antithesis of strong dollar.

Weak Dollar

The U.S. dollar when it is worth less relative to other currencies. Because the dollar is a floating currency, its value varies according to market trends. When one dollar trades for fewer units of one or more other currencies, it is known as a weak dollar. See also: Strong dollar, Exchange rate.

weak dollar

A dollar that is of smaller value relative to foreign currencies. A weak dollar exchanges for fewer units of other currencies compared with the units for which it could have been exchanged in the past. A weak dollar tends to help U.S. firms that rely heavily on foreign sales because the firms' products will cost less in terms of the foreign currencies. A weak dollar hurts consumers of foreign goods because these goods cost more in terms of U.S. dollars. Compare strong dollar. See also exchange rate.
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KUWAIT, April 5 (KUNA) -- The price of gold moved up further reaching USD 1,200 per ounce, buoyed by a weak dollar and significant geopolitical events in the Middle East.
However, continued capital inflows and weak dollar overseas restricted the rupee fall to some extent, a forex dealer said.
Crude oil prices rebounded on Tuesday thanks to a weak dollar, as the political paralysis in Washington over the US budget showed no sign of ending.
17 rupees against the US dollar in the late morning trade on month-end dollar demand from importers despite weak dollar overseas.
consumer sentiment and a weak dollar put it on course to snap a streak of three lower closes and to end the quarter with a 14 percent gain.
7%, helped by the weak dollar, with records set for petrol, services and advance technology goods.
Summary: Oil prices rose more than 2 percent Tuesday on optimism that Greece can pass an unpopular austerity program as Europe fashions a solution to Athens' debt woes and also on lift from a weak dollar.
A weak dollar may not have the salutary effects it once did on U.
Lower property values, a weak dollar and plenty of inventory have encouraged a wave of overseas buyers to pony up for Florida real estate.
70 an ounce Thursday as safe-haven gold continued to attract popularity amid a weak dollar.
The weak dollar drove up import costs in the Gulf and was a key driver of inflation to records in the region.
Global: Oil pared gains yesterday after a rise above $40 a barrel in response to a weak dollar and Israeli attacks on Hamas that served as a reminder of tensions that could threaten Middle East crude oil supplies.