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Wavy surfaces are widely used to facilitate flow and heat transfer, but Shenoy, Sheremet, and Pop pull the information into a single reference for the first time.
We think with the warming Arctic these types of very wavy patterns, although probably not in the same locations, will happen more often in the future.
More evidence for link between wavy jet stream and extreme weather, Rutgers study finds
The frontage of Cardiff Central Station dates from the 1920s - it would be a tragedy if this view of the station facade were spoiled by the proposed wavy roof, which is not in keeping with the existing building.
Now available in Straight, Wavy, and Curly textures.
Main Tera Hero' actress Nargis Fakhri said that she loves her naturally wavy hair and dreads the thought of cutting it for a role.
The border and sashing are quilted with wavy lines and swirls.
The three-tiered curved step riser can be used with existing displayware or with FFR-DSI's Curved Wavy Platters for a multi-level merchandising solution to pull customers' focus toward the products.
The problem of natural or mixed convection along a sinusoidal wavy surface has received considerable attention because such a surface can be viewed as an approximation to certain geometries of practical relevance in heat transfer [2, 26, 27].
The students used a variety of colors to draw wavy vertical lines to create the grass, and wavy horizontal lines to fill in the sky area.
The second Cinema Pacific Filmmaker Dialogues event, featuring two screenings of "Saint Misbehavin': the Wavy Gravy Movie," takes place Thursday at the Bijou.