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The size of a two-dimensional space. One calculates the area by multiplying the area's length by its width.


A measurement of the square footage contained within certain boundaries.
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The role of sediment in the watershed area upstream of the dam brave Zanjan, Proceedings of the Second National Conference on erosion and sedimentation.
Early in the backward stepwise regressions for each of the lake chemistry measures, Latitude and Longitude Locations, Lake Area, Watershed Area, Lake-to-Watershed Area Ratio, and Lake Order each dropped out as they were not statistically significant.
More than 100,000 streams and rivers run through the Chesapeake Bay watershed area.
5 shall not apply to any water supply watershed area classified as WS II by the Environmental Management Commission prior to July 1, 1993 and formerly classified as Class C, comprising 70,000 acres or more but less than 75,000 acres in watershed and protected area lying in two or more counties, one of which has land use jurisdiction therein, and part of which lies in the land use regulation jurisdiction of a city or town, having a point of elevation of at least 1,650 feet above sea level and was not being used as a water supply for any municipality on July 1, 1993, said area also lying adjacent to a third county which lies within the same two-member State Senate district as do all or parts of the other two counties.
Officials often complain that water flowing through the Tigris and Euphrates watershed area is reduced due to restrictions from upstream reservoirs in Turkey, Syria and Iran.
Three land use urbanization scenarios were modeled: current land use conditions of 2% urban area, 13% urbanization of the watershed, and 78% urbanization of the watershed area.
Therefore, 36 male farmers having a parcel in the watershed area were randomly selected to participate in a 3-day farmers' workshop organised to develop soil quality criteria and to classify the soils in the watershed into different quality groups.
2) Evapotranspiration = Precipitation--Volume of River Discharge/ Watershed Area
An aquatic ecosystem there doesn't begin to degrade until impervious surfaces make up 15 percent of its watershed area, Beach has found.
In the current study, we found the parasite distributed along the watershed area of the River Danube in northern Hungary.
Special Watershed Area or is a Development of Regional Watershed Impact.
The choanae represent the watershed area between ectodermally and endodermally derived epithelia.

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