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The size of a two-dimensional space. One calculates the area by multiplying the area's length by its width.


A measurement of the square footage contained within certain boundaries.
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Presently, the Malagos Watershed area has only 1 Village Health Worker.
In order to investigate the effect of extent of micro watershed area on wheat yield, an experiment was conducted at the Agriculture Research Farm of NWFP Agricultural University, Peshawar during winter 2003-04.
Through this exercise, the public demonstrated an awareness and appreciation for the impact of changing land use within a large watershed area on the quality and quantity of water in the main channel of the watershed.
Florence Comprehensive Plan; amendments to the Rural Comprehensive Plan for Coast Fork Willamette Watershed area.
There probably are measures the poultry companies could take, such as transporting the litter out of the watershed area to areas that need it--but would that prove to be so costly that the companies couldn't stay in business?
After the first pass was completed, watershed area draining to the weir decreased (Figures 3 and 4e).
An aquatic ecosystem there doesn't begin to degrade until impervious surfaces make up 15 percent of its watershed area, Beach has found.
In the current study, we found the parasite distributed along the watershed area of the River Danube in northern Hungary.
The choanae represent the watershed area between ectodermally and endodermally derived epithelia.
Mussel species richness in each stream system was significantly correlated with watershed area and fish species richness.
3 hectares of denuded land inside the Upper Marikina watershed area.

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