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In real estate, a change in a property's value caused by a lessee or another person who has possession but no ownership rights. Waste usually results in a reduction in the property value, for which the owner ordinarily is entitled compensation. Waste may be positive or negative; positive waste results from the possessor's act, while negative waste results from his/her omission. An example of the former is destroying the floor with a sledge hammer, while an example of the latter is neglecting a termite infestation for so long that the floor collapses.


An abusive or destructive use of property by someone who is entitled to possession but who does not have complete ownership rights, such as a tenant, mortgage borrower, or a joint owner.Waste is more than normal wear and tear and implies neglect or misconduct. Contrast with trespass, which is damage by one who is not entitled to possession.There are three types of waste:

1. Voluntary waste (also called affirmative waste) is an intentional change to property resulting in damage to the property.

2. Permissive waste (also called negligent waste) is a failure to maintain property, so that it deteriorates in value.

3. Ameliorative waste occurs when the changes increase the value of the property. In some jurisdictions, a court will still award damages because the owner is entitled to have its property remain in the same condition, without being subjected to others' opinions regarding whether it was improved or not. Other jurisdictions refuse to allow damages, finding that the owner has been benefited by the actions.

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It is expensive to move the suite to a new position as this involves re-routing water supply and waste pipes.
He went under several times and had started to "physically shake" before fire crews reached him in a boat, clutching the waste pipe.
If water doesn't drain away at all, then there is a complete blockage in the waste pipe.
Not us, say officials and politicians at Defra, the department that owns the Pirbright laboratories where the virus leaked from a faulty waste pipe.
The waste hose belonging to your washing machine has to discharge into a waste pipe or trap above the top of the drum, and one solution is to hook the hose into the top of an open standpipe with a P-trap at the base.
A Forget about lifting floorboards to get a waste pipe connected to the WC as you probably don't have enough space.
Firstly, at the entry to the waste pipe from the bathroom fitting there must be a trap or, as my mother called it, U-bend.
Incidentally, it was easy to tell who washed, as a sink outside the bathroom (near my bed) gurgled when water in the bathroom sink passed through the common waste pipe
Explosives blocked in a waste pipe detonated, killing a father of five, a Birmingham inquest heard yesterday.
The alarm was sounded at Degussa Chemicals - formerly Fine Organics - at Seals Sands just after 8pm yesterday when employees found a small flame coming from a vent waste pipe.
Unscrew the knurled trap connections to the sink outlet and the waste pipe and lift the trap into the bucket.
They pumped the water from under my house, but it looks as if there's a waste pipe that's letting sewage settle," he said.