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Selecting production traits for end-use markets wasn't an option in years past, but opportunities will increase in the years ahead, Harrington predicts.
Those were the days when corporal punishment wasn't an option, it was compulsory.
Dean said: "I asked Ueli if speed riding could be done tandem but he said it wasn't an option as I was blind and couldn't ski, which sounded fair enough.
It was a tough couple of weeks of making decisions especially when initially Newport wasn't an option for me due to other bids.
Being a Princess wasn't an option for Megan and for that, we love her individuality and quirkiness.
It wasn't an option to start Lukas Jutkiewicz but as we move on we will utilise his qualities.
The second preserving method, freezing, wasn't an option for the sex - crazed ancients, which is perhaps just as well.
In my youthful, more optimistic days, you revelled in the build-up because with the unshakeable optimism of youth coupled with the belief in your team's invincibility, defeat simply wasn't an option.
Both minimalist and extremist, they were determined to create an aesthetic movement where art was all consuming and mediocre wasn't an option.
But being on permanent holiday for the rest of my life wasn't an option for me,' he said.