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Early warning is obviously more focused on strategic than on tactical warning and, if as envisaged, will also in future warn about for instance potential terror attacks on African countries and will have to increasingly rely on warning intelligence.
The opening phrase has been understood as an "if" clause -- "If one jealously warns his wife.
Warns said insurers should consider replacing 30-year-old legacy processing systems and adopt an "investment instead of maintenance" attitude.
35] By enlarging the definition of the population at risk from the offspring of chronic alcoholic women who drank heavily in pregnancy to the offspring of any woman who might have taken a drink at any time following conception, public health activists created a mandate to warn.
However, cameras of this type yield a far greater benefit when the objects detected are interpreted by image processing and the information is used to warn the driver in critical situations (e.
Students and teachers have spoken at town hall meetings across California, and WARN has been profiled in juvenile justice and crime prevention guides.
A flushable toilet brush that warns users, "Do not use for personal hygiene" has been identified as the nation's wackiest warning label in an annual contest sponsored by a consumer watchdog group.
Photo: A sign at the Sherman Oaks Galleria warns of unhealt hful air conditions inside the partially enclosed parking garage.
A label on a robotic massage chair which warns, "Do not use massage chair without clothing.
The ALR-56C(V)1 radar warning receiver detects radar-guided weapon systems threats, warns the pilot, and cues appropriate countermeasures.
bulletin warns of defective bearings in Textron Lycoming engines installed in the Cessna 206s built between Aug.
The system warns pilots of impending accidents caused by "controlled flight into terrain," a category of aviation accidents where a pilot unintentionally flies into the ground or water with a fully operational aircraft.