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The interim holding period from the time of the closing of a loan to its subsequent marketing to capital market investors.


1. The act or process of storing inventory for sale in the future.

2. The act or practice of a company gradually buying the stock of another company it later intends to acquire. It need not register its warehousing with the SEC until it has bought a certain percentage of shares outstanding. See also: Accumulation, Significant order.


The practice by a loan originator of packaging large numbers of loans for sale on the secondary market.

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The results of the 2000 study "Data Warehousing and Data Mining in the Insurance Industry--Floods of Information," encompassed across-the-board responses, ranging from optimistic experiences to those more pessimistic about their use of the technology.
The consulting division uses the latest technologies to design and develop Internet-based business intelligence systems incorporating client/server and data warehousing applications.
We feel the technology really gives us a leg up on the competition," says Chuck Tippmann, President for Interstate Warehousing.
The team includes consultants with industry-specific expertise in data warehousing strategy and implementation, as well as analytic applications.
Unlike traditional custom-built data warehouses, the new generation of adaptive data warehousing solutions provide the ability to quickly change as the business changes, ensuring consistent alignment with the organization's current and evolving business requirements.
This increase is correlated in many other studies citing the steady rise of business intelligence projects - for which data warehousing is a key component - in terms of organizational priority.
Global enterprises demand a complete business intelligence and data warehousing solution that can quickly translate data into business success," said Ellen Rubin, vice president of marketing at Netezza.
TQW selected Integrated Warehousing Solutions for the company as much as for our products, citing our industry expertise, flexibility and willingness to really work with our customers, listening to and responding to their requirements - much like TQW themselves.
DATAllegro C25 makes large volume data warehousing affordable," said Stuart Frost, CEO of DATAllegro.
This is another strong example of the excellent fit HighJump's solutions have in complex warehousing environments.
E[acute accent]The patent-pending Teradata Global Consulting Services data warehousing methodology has been updated to reflect the impact of innovative business processes enabled by Teradata Warehouse 8.
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