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A subdivision used in local governments in a number of countries. Wards are sometimes the constituencies for local, elected officials. They are often equivalent to a neighborhood or a portion of county.


See guardian.

References in classic literature ?
Ward meditated and drummed on the surface of his desk.
Ward took a wallet from his inside coat pocket, drew out a greenback, and passed it to Dave, who noted as he pocketed it that it was for twenty dollars.
Ward was saying, and Dave noted that his face and eyes were cruel and gloating and proud.
Ward was forty years of age, a successful business man, and very unhappy.
Furthermore, they will have learned for the thousandth time to have confidence in Ward Valley.
Ward Valley will jump so that it won't be feasible to buy after that.
What we want," Letton took up the strain, pausing significantly to sip his mineral water, "what we want is to take large blocks of Ward Valley off the hands of the public.
And thereupon he entered into a long technical and historical explanation of the earnings and dividends of Ward Valley from the day of its organization.
This was to Miss Ward, who had skated into his neighborhood.
The time passed quickly; when Miss Ward sent for him to take off her skates there was a general groan and declaration that it could not possibly be half-past eight o'clock yet.
When the door was opened, he saw Miss Ward standing behind the maid who admitted him.
As he noted the vicious, wolflike temper of his comrades he had a sweet thought that if the enemy was about to swallow the regimental broom as a large prisoner, it could at least have the consolation of going down with bristles for- ward.