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A subdivision used in local governments in a number of countries. Wards are sometimes the constituencies for local, elected officials. They are often equivalent to a neighborhood or a portion of county.


See guardian.

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The three translated messages are a recent remark made by Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel-prize laureate in economics, in an interview with the Nation of Thiland urging governments worldwide to ward off dangerous hot money, the suggestion of the United Nations for developing nations to prevent massive influx of hot money via one or multiple methods even including capital control, and the conclusion in the communique of G7 warning the impact of swing in forex rates on economic and financial stability.
Applying the same rule, it is better to close down schools to ward off these evils.
To determine whether brain exercise can actually ward off flabby minds, dozens of studies are in the works.
If, as psychoanalyst and art historian Ernst Kris writes, masks are apotropaic--Messerschmidt's masklike grimaces exist to ward off the fear that they express--then one might say that Carmi's masks ward off his fear of the older generation by disregarding their feelings.
The author covers hats to ward off rain and glare, union suits, infant dress, parasols, gloves, hairstyles, and Southwestern Indian feathers and buckskin.
in Wisconsin, on the attention sauerkraut is getting after South Korean scientists claimed it could ward off avian flu.
Omega-3 fats may ward off dry eye syndrome by curbing inflammation in the tear gland and eye surface, say researchers.
In a six-month trial of the lightweight, hand-held tools, musicians all over the country have learned to ward off pain and injury by incorporating Glove into their practice routines, ninety-second warm-up with the WOW and less than two minutes of resetting with The Reset Glove.
What is the truth about taking garlic supplements to ward off illness and cure common diseases?
Nabhan takes the reader to the cliffs of Sardinia, where fava beans help ward off malaria due to a genetic trait in the ethnic population; the highlights of Crete where the native's olive-oil-soaked diets are healthy for their bodies, but not for western visitors; as well as the American Southwest and neotropical Mexico where fiery chile peppers help kill meat-spoiling microbes so prevalent in desert and tropical climates.
Christianity is at pains to emphasize the full humanity of Christ, precisely to ward off a kind of perverse asceticism.
DRESSING up apple trees to ward off evil spirits will be among the quirky attractions at an Apple Day event next weekend.