war chest

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War chest

Cash kept aside for a takeover or for defense against a takeover bid.

War Chest

Informal; money a corporation sets aside to pay for or defend against a hostile takeover. A war chest is highly liquid, and while it can cut into short-term profits, it may open up investment opportunities for the long-term. The term is commonly used in journalism.

war chest

Liquid assets accumulated by a firm to use in a potential acquisition or in defending itself against a takeover attempt. A substantial war chest adds security and enhances investment opportunities but is likely to be a drain on short-term profitability.
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A still from Toy |Soldiers: War Chest - Hall of Fame Edtion and the box cover, right
We present three alternative mechanisms to explain how an incumbent's war chest might deter entry.
She has a campaign war chest of $14,135, including $5,273 in contributions and $8,862 from a personal loan.
Hashem wrote that Iraq's ex-Revolutionary Command Council issued the decree to create a war chest for Saddam's Ba'ath Party.
Ed Colley raised about $25,000 for his campaign, and Heidt's total war chest was about $5,800.
25bn to theconflict, bringing the total war chest to pounds 3bn.
While Mavesa assures it is ready to use its war chest to expand its operations, Sucre insists the company will not be hurried.
Analysts said GEC, which has a war chest of pounds 5billion and is on the acquisition trail, would be wellaced to buy parts of Northrop if it is broken up.
TotalTINsm aids in qualifying greater amounts of consumers while also a key component in a company's war chest of fraud detection tools.
No other campaign has reported how much it had on hand, but Cruz's war chest is likely one of the largest in the GOP field.
However, they have had a change of heart and pledged pounds 3m for Ince's war chest.
What chance do they have running against a person who has a war chest of more than a half-million dollars and name recognition?