waiting period

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Waiting period

Time during which the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) studies a firm's registration statement. During this time the firm may distribute a preliminary prospectus.

Cooling-Off Period

An SEC rule mandating that several days transpire between the filing of a new issue's prospectus and the actual offering of the issue. This allows potential buyers and the seller to have a final chance to investigate the new issue and attempt to determine if there will be any previously unforeseen problems. The cooling off period is usually 20 days, but the SEC may change that for individual offerings at its discretion. It is also called the waiting period.

waiting period

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AutoCar India has reported that the waiting period for the Hyundai Creta automatic has increased to ten months, while the petrol and diesel versions have a waiting period of up to six months.
White told the committee she intended to rewrite the bill to reduce the waiting period to 48 hours and allow victims of human trafficking to opt-out of the extended waiting period.
Waiting periods / Length Waiving waiting periods is an
The main impetus for the federal waiting period was John Hinckley's attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan, in which White House Press Secretary James Brady was seriously injured.
This 24-hour waiting period has proven to be ineffective, unnecessary and cruel," state Rep.
Ford India, which suspended the bookings of some of the variants of its EcoSport, has now extended the waiting period of almost all variants upto 12 months.
Anthem has initiated a six-month waiting period for new FDA-approved drugs and technologies for some of its customers.
Since late 1996, the waiting period for naturalization interviews has increased from six months to almost two years in many cities, while the wait for green card interviews has jumped from 90 days to one year, Shusterman said.
84-34) shortens the waiting period required between tax year changes to six years from 10 and states that tax year changes made by a corporation to enter a consolidated group are not counted for purposes of the six-year waiting period.
For example, if the client has a reserve fund equal to three months' living expenses (most practitioners recommend an emergency fund of at least three to six months' living expenses) the policy waiting period can be selected accordingly.
On October 26, 2006, Gilead announced that the required waiting period under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act of 1976 had been terminated by the United States Federal Trade Commission prior to the expiration of the waiting period.