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An ordered collection of persons or things in which one is serviced after another. For example, persons may form a queue to buy tickets to the cinema. Likewise, an employee may form a list of tasks to be done each day and perform them each in turn. The word queue is most common in Britain and the Commonwealth; the equivalent in American English is waiting line or simply line.


the build-up of customers who are delayed while waiting for service. Queuing can occur in a retail outlet where shoppers queue at supermarket checkouts or cars queue on petrol station forecourts. Similar queuing problems occur in factories where components queue to be processed on machines.

Variability in the demand for service and the variable time to complete service makes it difficult to judge the level of service to provide for customers. Where numerous service channels are provided, customers will experience few delays even when many customers arrive simultaneously for service. On the other hand, providing numerous service channels involves large labour costs, as in the case of supermarket checkout staff or bank clerks, or large investment in physical facilities, such as tanker berths or airport runways.

Queuing models employing statistical techniques can be used to analyse queues and to balance the cost of resources used to provide service against the cost of the time lost by customers while waiting for service.

These models consider the number of potential customers; the likely rate at which they arrive; whether they arrive singly or in batches; the number of parallel queues; maximum queue length; order of service (first come, first served or prioritized); number of servers; likely service time; and whether customers are served singly or in batches. For complex queues, SIMULATION techniques may be employed to decide the level of service to provide and how to organize the service facilities. See BALK, MULTIPLE CHANNEL-SINGLE PHASE.

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If none are available, the incoming trailer will be put into a trailer waiting line.
Managing the waiting line is a fundamental challenge for managers in the hospitality industry.
Table 1 Waiting Line Segmentation At A Service Rate Of 11.
Queuing theory--The theory of how waiting lines behave; same as waiting-line theory.
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Coast Guard vessels and two ships from the Royal Canadian Navy are moored in Portland and open for public tours; waiting lines at entry points will close at 3:30 p.
The Director of the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund, Ahmet Dauti, believes that thanks to this new service, in addition to avoiding long waiting lines at PIOM, citizens will also be afforded a 24-hour access to data.
Thus management of waiting lines to avoid customer perceptions of poor service experience is an important skill.
Qmetrix's portfolio includes technology solutions that measure, monitor and manage waiting lines and other areas where people move through or congregate by capturing customer frequency data points, such as queue time and queue length.
He acknowledged public concerns of overcrowding, long waiting lines and lack of beds, but stressed the need to reduce the patient load at the hospital's accident and emergency department by shifting minor cases to health centres.
Similar long waiting lines are also seen before Sahoor, as foul, tameez and yogurt are basics in nourishing the body for the tough mission of fasting in such a hot summer.
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