vulture capitalist

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Vulture Capitalist

1. An investor who buys companies in or near bankruptcy in order to save them.

2. An investor who buys the rights to a new product or invention in order to profit from its sale. The term is somewhat derogatory as vulture capitalists deprive inventors of the money they would make otherwise. However, vulture capitalists may be in a better position to market these new products than the inventors themselves. See also: Vulture fund, Venture capital.

vulture capitalist

(1) A person or firm who accumulates cash and commitments for cash in order to take advantage of an anticipated temporary plunge in real estate values.At the proper time,the vulture capitalist will buy virtually every distressed property it can acquire,to resell when the market returns. (2) A derogatory term applied to venture capitalists, some of whom have a reputation of investing in a business in the hopes it will fail, at which point the venture capitalist takes over the assets and liquidates them at a profit.

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Vulture capitalists may be viewed as bottom feeders that provide alternative financing to a dot-com at an extraordinary price.
American Wall Street vulture capitalists would absolutely run rampant if given the opportunity to carve up the NHS in a post-Brexit US/UK trade deal.
The newly-created Dublin Tenants Association has called for new laws to stop vulture capitalists from forcing families out of their homes.
by PAT FLANAGAN NEW laws are needed to stop vulture capitalists from forcing families out of their homes, a leading residents group has claimed.
This saw property portfolios worth tens of billions of euro pass into the hands of vulture capitalists for a fraction of their true value.
For the hypocrites who accommodated the sell-off of thousands of homes to vulture capitalists will be commemorating those who paid with their lives to ensure such treachery could not happen.
THOUSANDS of jobs are on the line after it emerged Ulster Bank is set to sell off [euro]6billion in loans to vulture capitalists.
It is feared when the vulture capitalists buy the loans, they will liquidate the companies to get their hands on anything of value - which in most cases is the property that houses the business or shop.
They bravely fought off the international loan sharks, faced down the vulture capitalists and refused to be swamped by waves of emigration.
Bad enough that billions of euro of property which has been paid for by the Irish taxpayer was sold off to vulture capitalists at knock-down prices, now we learn there may be serious corruption involved.
Many face eviction and the prospect of their mortgages being sold to vulture capitalists.
Fianna Fail finance spokesman Michael McGrath and the country's auctioneers have demanded the State's bad bank stop offloading hundreds of houses and flats to vulture capitalists.